Dr Michael Jack Associate Professor (Group Leader) 
Dr Phoung Nguyen            PhD Student (2013-2017). Primary supervisor.Statistical Mechanics of Molecular Motors
Camilla  TumlinHonours Student (2015)Exploring the efficiency of a nanoscale heat engine by numerically modelling Brownian motion in two dimensions
Jefferson DewHonours Student (2016)Electrical Peak Load Reduction by Managing Domestic Hot Water Cylinder Demand
Xiao Dong ShuPGDipSci Student (2016)Economic Optimisation of Photovoltaic Panel Orientation for Commercial Installations
Caitlin TromopMSc Student (2015-2017)Exergy Analysis of New Zealand
Imran KahnPhD Student (2015-2019). Co-supervisor.A Temporal Approach to Characterizing Electrical Peak Demand
Jack DevineMSc Student (2017-2018)Self-induced temperature gradients in Brownian dynamics
Nazul Jared Lopez AlamillaPhD Student (2015-2019). Primary supervisor.Energy Landscapes of Motor Proteins
Carsten DortansMSc Student (2017-2018)The technical potential for demand response in New Zealand’s residential sector
Sam AitkenHonours Student (2017)Technoeconomic Feasibility of Battery-Based Demand Response: Case Study on the University of Otago
Tupuivao VaiasoPGDipSci Student (2018)Matching Solar Photovoltaic Electricity Generation to Demand Profiles
Rafferty ParkerPGDipSci Student (2018)Smart Control Scenarios of Domestic Water Heaters in New Zealand
Tupuivao VaiasoMSc Student (2018-2019)100% renewable electricity for Samoa
Rafferty ParkerMSc Student (2019-2020)A Comparative Study of Electricity Demand Forecasting Models for Residential Hot Water at the Individual Household Level
Jefferson DewCurrent PhD Student.
Demand Response in the Agricultural Sector – A Socio-technical Study
Carsten DortansCurrent PhD Student.
The influence of grid-edge technology on the electricity system and households in New Zealand
Aminat RazaqMSc Student
Smart Control of Water Heaters for Micro Grid Balancing
Felix CookHonours Student (2019)Matching tidal power generation with demand in New Zealand 2019
Adam DeckerHonours Student (2020)A Simple Model of Interacting Molecular Motors
Ngaio FultonHonours Student (2021)The potential of Night-time Photovoltaics to address winter peak electricity demand
Aleida PowellHonours Student (2021)Modelling the Long-term Impacts of Increased Demand Response within a 100% Renewable New Zealand Power System
Adam DeakerMSc Student
Operator Methods for Many-Body Brownian Motion
Aleida PowellCurrent MSc Student
Anthony MirfinCurrent PhD StudentA pay-for-performance programme design to enable demand flexibility and energy efficiency to act as resources in virtual power plants
Al-hasan Ali Mohammed AbdulwahidCurrent PhD StudentRole of Hydrogen in New Zealand